He created his own kool-aid reality and was able to illuminate himself by it.

Bare Foxgloves. ( Eden Series )
how does it get out the door

Nan Goldin

"Don’t Touch" @ Frieze Masters
sketchbookin’ as practice for my photo final (which will actually be a mixed media thing sry guys) on processes of transition + a bunch of other vague bullshit  // also drinkin a lot of tea
Rabbit Rabbit #throwbacktuesday #whatever 🐇 @charlotte_andrus // mama bunny

Excerpt from Home by Clementine von Radics

Progress Generator
24x36 in watercolor, ink and enamel on rives bfk 
Loosely based on the destruction of the Gates building in Denver

One of the “bus people” around Santa Cruz celebrates the day from the door of her home - a repainted and refurbished school bus. When police move in to enforce camping regulations, the beach squatters must move on. 
America’s Sunset Coast | National Geographic Society ©1978